Staff Team, Nairobi Chapel, Ongata Rongai

Pastor Ondachi, Lead Pastor Nairobi Chapel Ongata Rongai

Pastor Edward Ondachi

Lead Pastor

My Lead Pastors role at NCOR are chiefly rooted in being the vision bearer and spiritual leader of the Church. I ensure that the staff team, followed by our volunteers and then the congregation is nourished, equipped and enabled to propagate and actualize Gods word into lives and practice. As the leader I am an automatic member of every department that we run .I ensure that our budget is commensurate with our vision. it is my duty to inspire , grow and care for NCOR as if it were my own child. My Job is the single most wonderful thing I do.Ironically it is also my greatest burden.It gives me tremendous joy as much as it gives me sleepless nights! In many ways there is no differentiating personal and official work for me. This, they say, is the package that comes with duty. It suits me just fine since I am generally a fairly informal person. I enjoy to see people grow spiritually as well as in all other areas of their lives. To pray for families or introduce an individual to the loving Grace of God is something one cannot put together in words.To have the privilege to wed a couple , dedicate their child and bury their aging parent is a privilege beyond compare.To be able to guide others and train them to do that with you as a lead minister is simply profound. I love and honor Jesus for according me this favor , in spite of myself. My leading scripture for ministry is Hebrews 5:1-4

IMG-20150710-WA0000“For every high priest chosen from among men is appointed to act on behalf of men in relation to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins. He can deal gently with the ignorant and wayward, since he himself is beset with weakness. Because of this he is obligated to offer sacrifice for his own sins just as he does for those of the people. And no one takes this honor for himself, but only when called by God, just as Aaron was”


Pastor Toni Ngugi Mungai

Executive Pastor
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Pastor Toni Ngugi Mungai came to Nairobi Chapel from Mavuno Church where he was a staff team member from 2008. He has served in various capacities in both churches and his ministry involvement includes Small Groups Ministry, Mizizi and Plug In, and in the Parenting & Marriage ministry where he has served with his wife Edith Ngugi. They have been married for 16 years and  blessed with 3 children, Jabu (14yrs), Neema (11 yrs) and Sifa (8yrs).

An ardent digital photographer, Pastor Toni’s other hobbies include listening to contemporary jazz, and travelling to experience different cultures across the continent of Africa. You will also catch him behind the wheel of fast German cars as he loves the thrill of speed driving. Having a passion for things design, Pastor Toni owned and  ran a design and print media consulting firm for 7 years just before he joined full time ministry. He is currently a B.Sc Leadership student at the International Leadership University.

“ I got saved in high school and it was not until when I was in my late teens and early twenties that a man whom I deeply respect and who later became a mentor of mine took me through a season of mentorship. That is the reason why I love to walk with, speak to and inspire those younger than me or who are struggling to make sense of their faith because someone did that for me and it changed my life course completely.”

Convinced that this is where the Lord has called him and his family to be at in this season of his life, Pst Toni is excited to be serving in the Discipleship ministries here at NCOR and is responsible for PLUG InE-GroupsJozi and Man Enough. His role models in the ministry include Pastor Muriithi Wanjau, Pst Edward Ondachi, Pst Oscar Muriu and Bishop TD Jakes. Pst Toni’s life has also been greatly influenced by the life and teachings of Pastor Myles Munroe and leadership guru, John Maxwell..

Some of the things that really tick off Pastor Toni apart from bad customer service are people who throw trash from their moving vehicles or people who speak loudly on their cellphone…why now? Why? All the same he is excited at the thought of raising strong healthy ministry teams and building capacity for the ministries of Nairobi Chapel Ongata Rongai. Now that is exciting!

Ohhh, and Pastor Toni is a sanguine (shock, shock)

pastor Eunice

Pastor Eunice

Executive Pastor
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I desire to grow myself and see God’s people thrive in their spiritual walk by creating opportunities for discipleship. This defines my role in the services and worship team- which is largely pastoral- to ensure that our worship team is cared for and natured both spiritually and in the excellent display of our musical gifts.
I am married to Francis Waruhari and we have 3 beautiful daughters Abigail, Anabella and Aviela.


Fernandes Njenga

Finance & Administration
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My Name is Fernandis Njenga,

I am married to my best friend and the most amazing lady that I know, Georgina Njeri.We have been married for three years and counting. God has blessed us with two amazing children, Lael, our first born is two years old &Lemuel our second born just turned eight months.

I Joined N.C.O.R in September 2012 in the Finance and Admin department but have also been serving in other various capacities ever since.I’m passionate about ministry & that is why I enjoy being part of NCOR because it gives me the opportunity to serve in diverse ministries and grow in my calling.


Zack Lukuba

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My name is Zack Lukuba, married to Mary and father of two. I’m passionate about reaching out to the unchurched. My desire is to see spiritual transformation and empowering young people economically especially those from the informal settlement.

I’m lead the outreach department, this allows our congregation an excuse to be the face of the church in the community. We do this through events , We also give back to the society by trying to make people as comfortable as possible through our SOCIAL JUSTICE initiatives.


Jane Shianda

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Jane Shianda is passionate about drawing the young ones into a closer walk
with Jesus and empowering them to reveal His love to others along the way.


Shiru Gichigo.

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I’m passionate about production. My desire is to run seamless events, I serve in the media, events and creative departments, ministering through arts.


Lilian Wahu

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Lilian Wahu is passionate about people .She gets great satisfaction from helping people. Currently her role at Nairobi Chapel Rongai is to allow a good flow of communication, lead the hospitality care team as well as admin for plug-in ministry.


Tranel Aaron

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My name is Tranel Aaron. I serve at Nairobi Chapel Rongai with the teens department. I am passionate about young people and strive to disciple them in a way that is relevant to them. It’s the responsibility of every generation to reach out to its own, and I am reaching out to the one directly after me.. Until the nets are full…


Sammy Musyimi Kimanzi

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God has taken me a long walk of discovering my purpose especially after calling me in to fulltime ministry. My passion has always been in the area of youth ministry, this is what I believe God has put in my heart and prepared me for. Currently I serve in the quest ministry, which is our children’s church.


Philex Ouma Odongo

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I am passionate about music and the youths.  My vision is to have a generation of young men and women that are transformed by their knowledge of God, especially at the informal settlements (slum areas) where social vices (drug abuse, crime, etc) are so rampant. Being in full time ministry is a platform for me to not only put my passion and gifting into service but also to notice and engage others in service for the Kingdom of God.